Global Security Operations

Mitie’s Global Security Operations is an innovative, industry-leading holistic security solution, that combines our actionable intelligence, proprietary Merlin Protect 24/7 technology and our expert people, including over 20,000 frontline security officers and experienced risk specialists, enabling you to make highly informed decisions about your security on a local, national and global scale.

Enhancing our intelligence-led, technology enabled strategy, our Global Security Operations takes a more collaborative approach to security, bridging the gap between the public and private sector security by working closely with a number of organisations to enable our customers to implement robust and resilient security strategies.

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Through our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) we deliver actionable intelligence that empowers you to create robust security solutions. Utilising our expert monitoring team at Mitec, our industry-leading technology and convergence centre and registered alarm receiving centre (ARC), and through our dedicated Customer Security Operations Centres (SOCs), our intelligence-led approach enables our you to make more informed security decisions to better protect your people, assets, and environments.

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Through our proprietary business intelligence software, Merlin Protect 24/7, we continuously analyse your risks, with real-time automatic trend analysis across your portfolio, simplifying your business management processes and enabling you to make highly informed decisions about your security and operational performance. Through our technology enabled approach, we are consistently looking for new innovations to benefit our customers, including the introduction of new artificial intelligence solutions and live situation analytics, enabling you to make instant decisions to better manage and mitigate threats and risks.

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Our people are experts in risk management, security and resilience with unrivalled experienced gained in police, military and corporate environments. Our experts in risk, assurance, & resilience enable enhanced risk management through powerful data-led intelligence and insights, helping to ensure your security strategy remains resilient, keeping you protected. Through our dedicated Assurance Managers and tailored training and live exercising solutions, we help you identify and manage risks and threats to better inform your security decisions and ensure your teams are equipped to deal with a range of potential incidents, ensuring your security remains robust.

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