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Through our Global Security Operations (GSO), we deliver industry leading actionable intelligence, empowering organisations to manage risks and better protect your people, assets and environments. Through our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we identify threats and provide detailed insight, enabling you to make highly informed decisions about your security. We collaborate with you to deliver robust, future-proof solutions, providing assurance that your business is resilient and protected.

Combining the expertise of Source8, Mitie GSOC, and Global Aware International, Mitie GSO is the convergence of knowledge and experience to create a powerful, connected solution that delivers actionable intelligence and protective technology to enhance your risk management and security solution.

Not only does the GSO combine multiple areas of expertise delivering services to over 55 countries worldwide into one unified team, it also benefits from multiple partnerships and collaborations with leading industry organisations, including the City Security Council, The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), the Terrorist Information New York Group (TINYg), Cyber Information Sharing Platform (CiSP), Crime Stoppers, and CSSC among others.

In addition to our strong working relationships with industry leaders, our people have a broad range of experience from a variety of backgrounds, including the military, such as the British Army Intelligence Corps, to law enforcement, such as the Met Police and counter terror experts, and specialists in business crime solutions.

With such a wealth and diversity in our people’s expertise, we know how to utilise data and insight to help you make more informed security decisions. Coupled with our focus on continuous innovation and technological improvements, including our proprietary Merlin Protect 24/7 software, and our ability to deliver actionable intelligence through our industry leading GSOC, Customer SOC and Mitec facilities, you can rest assured that Mitie Global Security Operations can help you to implement robust and resilient security strategies to protect your people, assets and environments.

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