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Creating an award-winning Security Operations Centre for a large UK retailer with the best people

The Customer

A large UK national retailer

The Challenge

The initial strategy vision for the customer Security Operations Centre (SOC) was simple; create a world class facility with a fully integrated solution, combining the best people, technology and intelligence. In order to accomplish this, the customer had to completely transform the security solution by introducing a central team focused on CCTV monitoring, incident reporting and live incident support.

However, the existing solution the customer had in place was siloed, with no integration between stores in terms of their security monitoring, making it challenging to achieve consistency or to accurately determine which stores needed more or less support. In addition, the previous solution involved store colleagues monitoring CCTV. This was only for limited hours during opening times, and was conducted by individuals without formal training.

In order to enhance the monitoring capability for the customer, it was crucial to centralise the process and integrate the intelligence from all stores, enabling a more intelligence-led approach to the entire estates security.

Creating an award-winning Security Operations Centre for a large UK retailer

The Solution

The SOC introduced an intelligence-led deployment of store detectives, a ground-breaking initiative for the customer. The dedicated Intelligence Analysts could examine crime data, enabling them to redeploy detectives to stores with greater efficiency, to monitor specific stores and aisles at specific times of day.

By also taking over the management of CCTV monitoring, the SOC provided greater coverage of the store network, now able to monitor CCTV for their entire operating time, rather than only sporadic hours, as they had previously had before Mitie. In addition, it meant that all operators were highly trained in monitoring best practice, something that previously the customer did not have. Previously, CCTV was monitored by colleagues, with little formal training and only for limited hours. The dedicated SOC solution provided additional security and assurance for colleagues, and also enabled the customer to redeploy colleagues that had been monitoring CCTV elsewhere throughout their stores.

A large part of the success of the SOC is the people within it. The Intelligence Analysts came from a wide variety of backgrounds all with experience in delivering exceptional customer service, and all are monitored on a training matrix, helping the team identify areas for development and hone existing skills.

The Results

The individuals in the team have collectively delivered fantastic results, delivering an incredible return on investment for Store Detectives and completing a significant number of arrests and civil recoveries each quarter. With such a noticeable performance, the team are truly the benchmark for our Customer Security Operations Centres and have proven the value of a dedicated customer team.

In addition to the fantastic recovery and loss prevention statistics, the team have also delivered on all KPIs, including fast response to emergency calls and impressive management of corporate and Police requests for information.

On top of all of this, the team have supported stores and Police investigations with a substantial number of CCTV reviews for evidence and information for stores, and delivered thousands of occasions of live support. The SOC has also seen an increase in incidents reported, due to the simpler store process, enabling them to provide more support to colleagues in store and help to better protect them and their customers.

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