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Delivering Actionable Intelligence to an International Financial Services Customer

The Customer

An Asia-headquartered international financial services group, spanning over 30 countries, providing services in; Retail, Asset Management, Wholesale (Global Markets and Investment Banking), and Merchant Banking with some 28,000 people worldwide.

The Challenge

Through the acquisition of another business the customer realised there was a need to integrate processes and systems of two complex organisations. Having an already established relationship with the Head of Security for the customer, the Merlin 24/7 team were approached to initiate the possibilities of bringing a consistent and intelligent approach to the combined global operations, particularly in relation to task management and security incident reporting.

Delivering Actionable Intelligence to an International Financial Services Customer

The Solution

The Merlin 24/7 system was implemented, providing immediate integrated global response capabilities and allowing the customer to manage incidents of any scale or type and in any location worldwide.

Once there was an even greater understanding of the business challenges and the customer’s understanding of Merlin 24/7, the solution was expanded and additional capabilities were brought online.

The information collated through Merlin 24/7 enabled a comprehensive risk profile for all locations to be developed, enabling the customer to focus resources more effectively and deliver greater efficiencies across the business.

In addition, the introduction of Merlin 24/7 also led to;

  • Virtual supervision across the business introduced to deliver a flexible resource model.
  • Business Continuity Planning, Health and Safety Management and First Aid processes were added to ensure consistency of approach and global visibility.
  • Integration to additional existing facilities, such as Prowatch, were also included.

The Result

Within two months of the installation of Merlin 24/7, the control room team were able to increase the volume of incidents and daily tasks that it could manage per shift, resulting in incidents being identified, managed and escalated appropriately, ultimately reducing risks to the customer. The efficiencies delivered within the control room led to a reduction in the number of operators per shift, resulting in an annual saving of c£140,000 per annum.

Merlin 24/7 also enabled the customer to link systems and processes across the business to ensure consistency of approach and global visibility across the 30 countries they operate in.

Finally, the risk profiling work that was conducted enabled an enriched dialog on insurance risks and provided a more accurate reflection of the customers unique risk profile.

The overall benefit to the customer through the process was in the region of £1,200,000.

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