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Implementing effective incident management for a leading international law firm

The Customer

An international law firm covering 30 offices in 20 Countries, with over 5,000 employees, its lawyers advise on multi-jurisdiction projects and transactions across the world.

The Challenge

Our customer required the ability to implement an effective incident management platform for the entire organisation.

There was no centralised platform of procedures, therefore, no ability for its security control room to receive real-time information that could be turned into actionable intelligence and enable the organisation to respond to and manage incidents effectively.

The existing security operation was heavily reliant on paper-based records, meaning they had no ability to effectively audit, conduct trend analysis or centrally control activities.

A flexible system and common processes were required to ensure that all information and response actions were logged in a compliant format with consistency across the entire estate.

Any new system and processes needed to satisfy both GDPR and internal information security standards.

Implementing Effective Incident Management for a Leading International Law Firm

The Solution

Following a detailed requirements analysis into the customer’s operation, our team developed and implemented a bespoke Merlin 24/7 system within 40 days that addressed all the identified gaps and fulfilled the customer’s requirements in a flexible and future proof way.

The Merlin 24/7 implementation included:

  • Incident management capabilities including mass communications through multiple channels
  • Business intelligence module enriching the ability to turn information into actionable intelligence
  • Task management to focus and streamline the security operation
  • Electronic daily occurrence book to centrally control activities and provide a searchable and auditable operational database
  • General repository for assignment instructions’ and standard operating procedures
  • Management information portal providing enriched data with the ability to provide detailed trend analysis
  • Multi-stream matrix library

The Result

Streamlined operations with the ability to effectively view and manage security operations and incidents remotely.

Improved incident reporting KPIs and ensured that the incident reports are consistently delivered to a high standard with the relevant details captured and disseminated to the right people within the agreed timescales.

An electronic daily occurrence book that is instantly accessible and fully auditable with the added benefit of reducing paper use and providing a greater degree of security around some sensitive information that previously had to be stored in paper format.

Enhanced reporting capability with the flexibility to implement multiple reporting frameworks for differing levels of the organisation on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

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