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International Charity Case Study

The Customer

An international charity was in need of bespoke training on anti-bribery and corruption, to be delivered to the heads of missions across multiple regions.

The Challenge

The charity is a long-established organisation with many long serving employees, creating a deeply embedded culture that meant a certain level of resistance to change. Implementing new training and setting new standards was therefore going to be difficult, and it was essential that every individual who took it was aware of its importance.

The regions in which the training was to be delivered consisted of countries with high threat levels of corruption and bribery, due to the local cultures and business practices, hence why the training was critical. As the training was to take place in hotel conference facilities, rather than dedicated offices, this necessitated additional planning in order to deliver the sessions.

International Charity Anti-Bribery & Corruption

The Solution

Mitie Global Security Operations training team devised a comprehensive training package in English, delivered to multiple countries by two highly trained, qualified consultants. Both individuals were highly experienced instructors qualified in course design, with expertise in security and risk-related disciplines, making the pair ideal candidates to deliver the training, through a series of presentations and workshops.

The course was bespoke to the customer and the regions visited in delivery, including regionally specific scenarios for the attendees to run through, ensuring that the training covered both a practical and theoretical element. By delivering the training in this way, attendees were more engaged, and could better understand the importance of the training and why it was necessary, specifically in their region. Giving them this detailed understanding of the laws was an essential element of the training to ensure that they could implement their learnings in real-life situations.

Following the sessions each attendee was given digital copies of all the material from the training, as well as an action plan to execute on return to their relevant territory.

The Results

The training sessions were very well received by the attendees and by the charity as a whole, with the GSO’s agility and versatility enabling focused, in-country delivery. Every attendee made noticeable progress over the multi-day session, developing their understanding and application of the anti-bribery and corruption laws in their specific location.

The training was an exceptional success, and the management team of the charity repeated the package for a further three years across different regions. By delivering the training in all key locations, the customer was left in confidence that their senior leadership team had a clear understanding of their responsibilities for managing out bribery and corrupt practices, and had knowledge of how to handle situations should they occur.

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