Case Study

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OSINT Review for Critical National Infrastructure site

The Customer

A UK Critical National Infrastructure site

The Challenge

Mitie Global Security Operations were asked to carry out hostile open source reconnaissance of a UK critical national infrastructure site, investigating its operations with particular reference to the storage and transport of nuclear fuels and exotic materials. As this was an open source investigation, the team were required to investigate and analyse the organisations website, along with any third-party websites hosting information, as well as gather data through social media channels and accounts used in and around the site.

The Solution

The team are trained in conducting OSINT analysis, and performed a structured investigation into the information that was divulged into the public domain, by the organisation themselves or by any third parties. We utilised a trusted partner to collect social media posts about the organisation and a geofence was created to identify any accounts used within or around the boundaries of the site. This information was the analysed by our expert team to identify potentially valuable information.

The Results

The team provided a detailed report itemising information that was publicly available, and key areas where such information could be used in a hostile manner. The team also delivered information of social media accounts that had disclosed information that was potentially sensitive or that had been geotagged within and around the site boundaries, which could be cause for concern or could influence their security strategy.

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