Case Study

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Physical & Cyber Security Review for Multinational Insurance Company

The Customer

A multinational insurance company needing a review of their physical, assurance and cyber risk profile across 40 sites in 33 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

The customer required the assessment in a short timeframe, and it was spread across a diverse geography of offices, some in remote countries. Some offices were located in different parts of Africa, posing the challenge of a lack of data and various levels of infrastructure. In addition, many of the locations were deemed ‘high-risk’, requiring full physical security audits, as well as technological and real-estate reviews. Finally, some sites in non-English speaking countries required the use of linguists to translate.

The Solution

Our team created a programme consisting of Mitie visits, partner visits and interviews to conduct analysis of each site. Visits conducted by Mitie Global Security Operations were to critical locations to conduct real estate, risk and technology reviews. We utilised trusted partners to conduct some reviews in important, but not critical, locations. Finally, for locations that were low priority, we conducted questionnaires and telephone interviews to develop a review.

The Result

We were able to offer a multilingual and multi-discipline team of IT, risk and real estate experts to conduct a comprehensive and robust audit of the customers assets, identifying potential weaknesses and risks in their physical and cyber security.

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