We work collaboratively with a number of leading security industry organisations. The strong relationships we have developed over time now enable us to drive the standards across the sector and influence the future of security across the globe. We endeavour to take our customers concerns and give them a voice, ensuring that their issues are raised to the wider security community and steps can be taken to help them, and other businesses, better manage and mitigate security issues they face.

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Working in collaboration with the BSIA

As a trusted partner of the BSIA, we work collaboratively with them to raise the profile of the security industry. Together we are leading the development of the industry to change the perception of Security Officers, as well as the standards they deliver, with better training, and industry standards being brought forward. In 2020, Mitie Security won a phenomenal 20 regional British Security Awards, run by the BSIA, with 4 national awards following on later in the year.

Partnering with the City Security Council

Focusing on the City of London, we work closely with the City Security Council to help shape security in the capital, delivering key thought leadership pieces, improving security standards across the City, and working with the London Police to keep the public secure. Our collaboration enables us to work closely with not only the City of London Police, but also fellow security companies in the capital, to share knowledge and conduct joint tests such as our “Operation Eastern Cluster”, the largest test conducted in the City in ten years. By being an active member of the City Security Council, we work collectively to prepare and respond to incidents in the City and protect the whole community.

Collaborating with the Security Industry Authority

We work closely with the SIA to continue to drive standards throughout the security industry, delivering key initiatives to enhance the professionalism and quality within the sector. In 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, Mitie worked collaboratively with the SIA to become the first security company in the UK to deliver SIA license training virtually. With the support of the SIA, we delivered training to enable officers to gain their licence. Such an innovative approach would not have been possible without the fantastic partnership we have with the Security Industry Authority.

Working together with the NSI

The NSI maintains the register of Approved Companies, and we proudly collaborate with them to develop and deliver industry leading standards and improve the wider security industry. Working with the NSI to drive industry standards forward empowers us to help shape and influence regulations. In addition to our close working relationship with the NSI, Jason Towse, Managing Director Mitie Business Services, also holds a non-executive director role with the NSI, further strengthening our connection with them and enhancing our collaborative opportunities.

Finally, we hold multiple NSI accreditations, including;

  • NSI Guarding Gold in accordance with ISO9001:2015
  • NSI ARC Gold in accordance with ISO9001:2015
  • NSI Fire Gold in accordance with ISO9001:2015

Proud to collaborate with ASIS International

Working with ASIS International enables us to collaborate on an international scale, working with security leaders of national and global companies to further enhance security solutions across the globe. Barrie Millett, Mitie Security Director of Assurance, is an honorary Life Vice President of the organisation. This position enables him to interact with internal ASIS councils to develop international standards and guidelines. In these forums, we have the capability to champion customer challenges and ensure that their views are taken into consideration for various advisory councils and standards.

In addition, ASIS provide the Physical Security Protection (PSP) certification, something that all of our Security Assurance Managers have earned and a qualification we see as the minimum standard expected in the role.

Working in partnership with the CSSC

A partnership between law enforcement agencies, local and national governments and private sector businesses, the CSSC enables us to work collaboratively with specialised police units, as well as engage with the wider security industry to drive standards and continually improve the sector as a whole. Being an active part of the CSSC gives us a direct link into national counter terrorism policing at both a national and regional level.

Our Director of Assurance, Barrie Millett, is the CSSC Regional Chair for West Mids, and as such sits on the national board. This enables us to shape the strategic approach of national counter terror policing on behalf of the industry and actively feed in customer concerns directly.

Working collaboratively with Police Crime Prevention Initiatives

We work in partnership with the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, who administer the Secured Accreditations certification, and particularly with their National Business Crime Centre, providing the Police with meaningful crime intelligence. Acting as the conduit between our customers and national and regional police, we ensure that business crime remains high on the police agenda by providing specific, relevant intelligence, enabling them to see the whole picture, rather than isolated incidents.

Partnering with Security Research Initiatives

Through developing close relationships with Security Research Initiatives, we are able to promote current issues that our customers are facing, informing future research projects to deliver maximum benefit to our customers. This research can be invaluable in enhancing and creating security strategies to better manage and mitigate relevant, timely threats and risks.

We strongly believe in the power of detailed, intelligent research, as it provides broad insights that can truly shape the future of the security industry. We are proud to work so collaboratively with Security Research Initiatives to consistently develop new research ideas and outcomes.

Collaborating with TINYg

The Terrorist Information New York Group (TINYg) aims to improve communications between law enforcement agencies and security business around the world, sharing best practice and new solutions to enable better protection of an organisations people, assets and environments. As a member of the advisory council, we are in the position to shape and influence the groups agenda, ensuring that the focus remains on key areas our customers have identified as concerns.

As the leader in the UK Security market, we are also a member of The Security Institute, the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals and the City Security and Resilience Network (CSARN), the leading UK based business security and resilience membership network, brining together leaders in the public and private sector. We also partner with Nineteen Events, organiser of the International Security Expo, with Jason Towse on the advisory council.

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