In 2016, we began a partnership with a leading higher education establishment in the UK, with 50 colleagues using the system for the incident management and daily occurrence book functionality Merlin 24/7 provides.

In 2020, worked with the customer to identify their needs, pain points and issues they were experiencing across their multiple sites. One of the main requirements was the ability to see when and where incidents occurred across the entire estate, with multiple locations for the team to manage. In addition, the team wanted to be able to escalate any issues, incidents or faults to the right people at the right time, whether they were internal or external. Merlin 24/7 enabled the team to do this, identifying where incidents occurred and providing intelligence so the team could utilise resources in the most efficient way possible to mitigate the risks across the estate.

The system also provided the ability to have floorplan heat mapping, highlighting where incidents were occurring most and sending automated escalations to key stakeholders in their preferred format. Working with the customer to create a dynamic escalation list, the system identifies from selected key words or incident factors who needs the information and how they want to receive it. This is all customisable to be specific to every customer, delivering a flexible yet simple approach to escalations and mass communications.

Across the multi-site campus, with static and mobile response teams, as well as a control room, the additional functionality implemented on the site will enable a more efficient and effective use of resources, providing a more informed approach to security and a safer, more secure campus for colleagues and students alike.