The Benefits of a Dedicated Crime Intelligence Team


July 27, 2020
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Crime Intelligence Teams can be invaluable when protecting your people, assets and environments from individuals or organised crime groups targeting your organisation. In some sectors, criminal activity has seen a rise in violence against colleagues, meaning that more needs to be done to ensure safe and secure working environment. Dedicated Crime Intelligence Teams deliver an innovative solution, integrating expert people with cutting edge technology to support your colleagues wherever and whenever they need help.

Collaborate & Integrate

The key to a high performing Crime Intelligence Team, is integration. The team is an extension of your colleagues on site, and should be seen as members of your business, all working towards the same goals, operating with the same values.

Strong relationships between the Crime Intelligence Team and the colleagues at sites across your portfolio is also essential. Working collaboratively ensures that your Crime Intelligence Team have access to crucial information from your environments, providing them a bigger picture of the situation and enabling a more effective, highly informed response to any incident.

Keeping open lines of communication with colleagues on the ground is essential in building a collaborative culture between your colleagues and the Crime Intelligence Team. Regular bulletins with key updates help keep everyone informed on the latest intelligence and advice, as well as making them aware of any real time threats, such as warnings of any known offenders in the vicinity, as well as other potential local threats to the site.

The Importance of Technology

It is not just integrating with your business that ensures a high performing team. It is critical that they are fed with numerous data sources and have access to the latest technology to analyse and assess your security solution. Utilising software such as our proprietary Merlin Protect 24/7 system, Crime Intelligence Teams are empowered to quickly analyse and assess incidents in real-time, enabling efficient and effective response to risks and threats, helping your teams on the ground to manage and mitigate the situation.

As well as providing analysis and real-time incident data, technology should be utilised to inform future strategy, identifying gaps in the existing solution, or areas that require amendments to make them more effective.

Liaising with Law Enforcement

Having a dedicated Crime Intelligence Team also provides more collaborative working with local and national law enforcement agencies, ensuring that when incidents occur, your colleagues can get the assistance they need, when they need it. In addition, dedicated Crime Intelligence Teams can often have a better understanding of the needs of Police when it comes to investigations and any prosecution proceedings.

By supporting the Police with details case files, your Crime Intelligence Team takes the pressure off your colleagues to provide the information, and can do it in a timely manner, to make the process smoother. The team are then also on hand to manage any future requests, leaving you colleagues free to focus on their core duties.

The Benefits of a Crime Intelligence Teams

A professional, experienced team that manages criminal activity posing a threat to your people, assets or environments can be an essential tool in providing safe and secure environments for your colleagues. Providing actionable intelligence, detailed analysis and professional liaison with law enforcement, a Crime Intelligence Team are an invaluable element of a robust and resilient security solution.

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