Utilising Technology in a Crime Centre to Improve Security Effectiveness


July 27, 2020
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The Importance of Technology in Security

Technology has an increasingly important role in delivering safe, secure environments, with many solutions now having integrated technology at their core. Security technology is evolving at a rapid pace, with new solutions regularly becoming available.

The challenge for security teams is no longer whether technology should be a part of their solution, rather, what technology should be part of it. With an array of choice, determining which technologies will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a security solution is essential.

Whilst physical solutions will remain a necessity for many security teams, integrating them with effective technological solutions will enhance security solutions and enable more efficient, effective use of resources, providing safer, more secure environments for colleagues and customers.

Our dedicated Crime Centres and Customer Security Operations Centre’s utilise the latest in monitoring and analysis technology to better inform resource deployment, increasing efficiency and improving performance of the overall security solution.

Live Screens & Automated Analysis

One of the latest technological advancements in the sector has been the use of live screens in crime centres. Dynamically displaying real-time, top-level incident data analysis, enabling the Intelligence Analysts to take quick action when required to manage situations as they occur. As incidents come into the centre, over 2,000 per month, each one is classified and scored automatically, being given an initial priority level based upon the incident content, such as product value, offender profile, recommended action, violence and trading impact among some of the factors.

Displayed in an intuitive, digestible way, the live screens colour code incidents to ensure those with the highest priority take precedence. Analysing vast amounts of data the system removes much of the manual aspects of analysis, ensuring that key data is presented quickly and efficiently, enabling security teams to take relevant, decisive action to manage the incident.

By having automatic analysis of incidents, the live screens enable a much faster time frame for closing cases, as much of the manual assessment time is automated. With faster detection, teams can be deployed to deter or detain offenders before the incident can escalate further, providing a more secure environment for colleagues and customers.

The technology, whilst complex, is highly intuitive, delivering data in a digestible format, enabling more efficient decision making, and allowing for faster assessments of evolving situations.

Integrating physical solutions with advancing technologies such as real-time analytics and live screen aggregated data, decisions on appropriate response to violence and risk can be made faster and more effectively, ensuring the best use of all available resources for every incident.

Integrating Technology & People

To achieve the most benefit from new technologies, effective integration with physical solutions is paramount. A fully integrated security solution will ensure the most efficient use of resources across the portfolio, whilst also providing data and analysis that can inform future strategies.

Integration can be a challenge, with training needed to ensure Intelligence Analysts are knowledgeable with any new systems being used. It is also important that front line officers understand any new processes to ensure swift and accurate information can flow between both the Crime Centre and the location.

Implementing the live screens and automated analysis in a Crime Centre meant a significant portion of manual incident analysis was removed, empowering Intelligence Analysts to focus on the highest priority incidents and to implement solutions to manage them as they develop, ensuring the most efficient use of their time. With incidents already assessed and categorised by priority, the additional time can be used by Analysts to address more incidents and resolve them, overall creating safer, more secure environments.

By successfully integrating a cutting-edge technology solution into the Crime Centre, the retail customer was able to benefit from a dynamic deployment of their resources, such as store detectives, supervisors, and officers on the ground. Each incident can be managed swiftly and based upon the risk posed, ensuring the most efficient and comprehensive security solution for the customers portfolio, helping them to better protect their people, assets and environments

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