Through our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) we deliver actionable intelligence that empowers you to create robust security solutions. Utilising our expert monitoring team at Mitec, our industry-leading technology and convergence centre and registered alarm receiving centre (ARC), and through our dedicated Customer Security Operations Centres (SOCs), our intelligence-led approach enables our you to make more informed security decisions to better protect your people, assets, and environments.

Global Security Operations Centre

Our specialist Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) are experts in open-source intelligence gathering and analysis. Our GSOC team utilise this analysis to create an enhanced picture of the threat, and deliver actionable intelligence to customers. In addition, our customer Security Operations Centres and Crime Centres provide a dedicated security centre to monitor and respond to risks and threats on a national basis, operating in line with your unique operating schedule. With these powerful insights, our customers are able to improve planning and resource deployment, ensuring that their people, assets and environments are always protected.

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Mitec – Technology and Convergence Centre

Mitec is the UK’s leading technology and convergence centre, monitoring thousands of buildings and assets, and over 40,000 lone workers. As a registered Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Mitec protects some of the world’s largest companies and their employees, delivering real-time response to incidents via Police call-outs and Mitie’s mobile security personnel, ensuring that your colleagues get the help they need, when they need it.

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Customer Security Operations Centres

Our industry-leading Customer Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and Crime Centres provide dedicated security centres, focusing on your individual operation, monitoring and responding to risks and threats on a national basis, across your entire portfolio. A team of trained Intelligence Analysts manage CCTV monitoring, emergency services liaison, and crime trend analysis, as well as keeping you informed of any incidents, and appropriate threat intelligence, ensuring you can effectively identify, assess and manage the specific threats to your organisation. With these powerful insights you can make more informed security decisions and more efficiently deploy your resources, ensuring that your people, assets and environments are always protected.

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How Merlin Protect 24/7 supports Intelligence

Merlin Protect 24/7 logs real-time incident data, which is then analysed, enabling patterns and trends to be identified. By working with the data in this way, the software is able to support our intelligence teams by delivering key insights into ongoing incidents and activities that the team can integrate with their own sources of intelligence, creating a more complete picture of risks and threats.

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About our Intelligence team

Our intelligence team have a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector. With individuals from the Special Forces, British Army Intelligence Corps, RAF, Police and other public and private sector organisations, the team have deep expertise of open-source intelligence gathering and analysis. Their combined expertise means they know how to turn data and insight into actionable intelligence, helping you to enhance your security strategy.

Working closely with the Police and other public sector intelligence agencies, our collaborative approach ensures exceptional results, enabling you to better protect your people, assets and environments and more effectively utilise your security resources.

Daniel Webb

Director of Intelligence

Daniel’s experience and knowledge is taken from a career in security and intelligence.  As a member of the Intelligence Corps, British Army, he specialised across the spectrum of counter-terrorism and counter espionage.  After leaving the military he became a security consultant, working alongside national law and government departments to deliver specialised security advice and guidance as well as managing security transformation projects.  He has been part of Mitie’s Group Risk team for the last two years and he has been a key part of developing the COVID-19 response and recovery strategy.

Adam Pennock

Head of Intelligence Delivery

Adam began his career in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) where he worked as a security operations specialist focusing on counter-terrorism.  During his eight years at the MOD he specialised in surveillance, intelligence analysis and operations centre management.  Joining VSG in 2017 prior to it being acquired by Mitie in 2019, Adam has worked in one of our customer focused intelligence hubs progressing to the role of Intelligence Manager.  Adam combines professional experience across the public and private sector as well as the study of an MA in Intelligence and Security to provide the best support possible to the customer.

Helen Hyman

Head of Retail Intelligence

Award winning Security Operations Manager with a passion for intelligence and Crime Analysis.  Currently running an industry leading Intelligence-led security operations centre for a major high street retailer. Also leading and developing crime & intelligence teams for several other retail clients, acting as a consult and subject matter expert to clients wanting to expand into this field.  10 years’ experience as a Senior Crime and Intelligence Analyst within Policing/Law Enforcement environment.  Member of first Thames Valley Police Talent Management Cohort (by recommendation), due to ‘strategic vision’ and ability to influence, implement and manage key projects.

Key areas of expertise: Intelligence-led deployment of security resources, Critical Incident Response, Project managing implementation of specialist software, developing training and induction programmes for analysts, Strategic and Tactical Analysis, Performance Analysis, and supporting Major Crime and Serious Incident investigations.  Leading data-sharing projects between private and public sector organisations.

Specialist skills: Organised Crime Group Mapping, Complex Network Analysis, Serious and Acquisitive Crime Analysis, Interpretation of Telecoms data, Open-source Intelligence and internet investigation techniques, (with a focus on Activism and Domestic Extremism), GIS mapping, Crime Pattern Analysis, Comparative Case Analysis and Geographic Offender Profiling.

Gareth Herbert

GSOC Senior Intelligence Analyst

Senior Intelligence Analyst with ten years’ experience. Currently coordinating a global intelligence and security incident response function for a major multinational bank. Holds a Master’s Degree in Terrorism & International Relations. Extensive knowledge of international terrorism, extremist media, activism and terrorist radicalisation and recruitment. Previously worked for six years in multiple roles at the intelligence and military technology company Allen Vanguard, delivering intelligence products to various stakeholders including the UK Government and Europol. Areas of responsibility included the analysis of major terrorist incidents in Europe, North America and Turkey, collation and analysis of extremist media materials distribution by “Islamic State”, provision of security intelligence in support of the London 2012 Olympics, and editorial responsibility for a monthly report produced by a team of regional analysts looking at global terrorism trends.

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