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Our specialist Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) are experts in open-source intelligence gathering and analysis. Our GSOC team utilise this analysis to create an enhanced picture of the threat, delivering actionable intelligence to customers. Working collaboratively with our dedicated Customer Crime Hubs, the team deliver powerful insights, enabling customers across the globe to improve planning and resource deployment, ensuring that their people, assets and environments are always protected.

Offering critical intelligence services, such as major incident communications and threat monitoring, the GSOC is an industry-leading security solution, dedicated to providing actionable intelligence to help our customers make more informed decisions about their security strategy.

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Key services provided by the Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC);

Major Incident Communications

Should any of your premises be in close proximity to a major incident, such as terrorist attacks or activism, the GSOC team works quickly to identify the threat and inform your security teams, delivering actionable intelligence that enables them to implement procedures to manage the risk to your people, assets and environments. The GSOC team will continuously monitor the incident, providing relevant and timely updates to your teams to help inform your decision making.

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Major Incident Communications

The GSOC analyst team are experts at open-source intelligence gathering to quickly create a picture of the threat. Providing timely updates to your teams is vital to ensure that you can effectively protect your people, assets, and environments. Our team will continue to closely monitor and provide updates on situations as they unfold, ensuring you have all the intelligence available as soon as possible, until the safe conclusion of the incident.

At the conclusion of an incident, the Global Security Operations Centre provide an in-depth situational intelligence report, alongside a detailed debrief in order to identify and learnings from the incident and enable you to enhance your security strategy to improve your response and management of similar incidents in future.

Travel Risk Management

If you or a member of your organisation need to undertake foreign travel to a potentially dangerous region, the GSOC team are on hand to help. Our intelligence experts will identify any potential threats and risks in the area of travel and help you to mitigate them where possible, providing intelligence that helps you to determine whether the trip is safe to conduct. In addition, our team can track and monitor your individuals in a foreign location, utilising technology to ensure they check in at required times or locations, providing you peace of mind of their whereabouts and safety.

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Travel Risk Management

Our travel risk management service protects your business travellers from the risk of being affected by terrorism, crime, civil unrest, protests, conflicts, pandemics or extreme weather conditions, providing an SOS and check-in confirmation to ensure their safety.

The GSOC team have a wide range of experience in monitoring foreign threats and providing detailed reports on any potential risks your people may face in a particular country or region. Aiding your travel plans by providing alternate routes or locations, we deliver actionable intelligence to enable you to keep your people safe wherever they are, until their return.

Threat Monitoring and Assessment

Our team of intelligence analysts are experienced in a variety of open-source intelligence gathering and analysis techniques, our intelligence analysts identify potential threats to your organisation, including activism nearby major incidents. Alerting you as soon as possible, the intelligence provided by our analysts can help to better protect your people, assets and environments.

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Threat Monitoring and Assessment

Using a combination of tools including a bespoke web-crawler, we monitor websites and social media platforms for indications of any threats to your people, assets and environments. These threats include activist campaigns, anti-social behaviour, organised criminal activity, reputational damage, cyber-attacks, or terror-related activity, that could impact your business.

Once a potential threat is identified, we communicate with a pre-defined contact list, providing threat alerts and intelligence reports, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your security, and redeploy resources in order to create an appropriate security response.


On occasion, it is required that detailed investigations are carried out to discover the root cause of an issue, for example, fraudulent activity against your organisation. The GSOC team have the knowledge and experience to conduct investigations into these incidents, gathering and analysing intelligence to spot trends, and identify suspect individuals. Compiling detailed reports on individuals, accomplices and their methods enables the team to create comprehensive investigation packs that can then be passed onto the Police for further investigation and prosecution.

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Our discreet, detailed investigations are conducted into individuals or groups of interest that may cause you a reputational or security concern, for example activist groups, organised crime groups, urban explorers or other specific individuals.

Once an investigation has taken place, the information and evidence gathered is provided to you in order to introduce mitigation measures. The evidence may also be provided to the relevant law enforcement partners or legal teams to commence criminal or civil remedies.

How the GSOC use Merlin Protect 24/7

Merlin Protect 24/7’s powerful data reporting and analysis tools are essential to aiding the GSOC intelligence analysts. Providing real-time incident data enables the team to create a more detailed picture of incident trends. Coupled with the intelligence the team gather through open-sources, the data from Merlin Protect 24/7 enables the team to deliver actionable intelligence that can greatly impact and enhance security strategies.

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The team has a wide range of experience in the intelligence and security industry, from both a public and private sector background. This depth of knowledge and experience means the team are uniquely positioned to provide actionable intelligence to organisations, enabling them to improve their security strategy.

Daniel Webb

Director of Intelligence

Daniel’s experience and knowledge is taken from a career in security and intelligence.  As a member of the Intelligence Corps, British Army, he specialised across the spectrum of counter-terrorism and counter espionage.  After leaving the military he became a security consultant, working alongside national law and government departments to deliver specialised security advice and guidance as well as managing security transformation projects.  He has been part of Mitie’s Group Risk team for the last two years and he has been a key part of developing the COVID-19 response and recovery strategy.

Gareth Herbert

GSOC Senior Intelligence Analyst

Senior Intelligence Analyst with ten years’ experience. Currently coordinating a global intelligence and security incident response function for a major multinational bank. Holds a Master’s Degree in Terrorism & International Relations. Extensive knowledge of international terrorism, extremist media, activism and terrorist radicalisation and recruitment. Previously worked for six years in multiple roles at the intelligence and military technology company Allen Vanguard, delivering intelligence products to various stakeholders including the UK Government and Europol. Areas of responsibility included the analysis of major terrorist incidents in Europe, North America and Turkey, collation and analysis of extremist media materials distribution by “Islamic State”, provision of security intelligence in support of the London 2012 Olympics, and editorial responsibility for a monthly report produced by a team of regional analysts looking at global terrorism trends.

Barrie Millett

Director of Assurance

Barrie has extensive experience of developing, implementing and operating security and broader resilience strategies across the globe for International organisations such as GE and E.ON.

Barrie started his career as a Royal Marine serving with 40 Commando RM and HQ Commando Forces. In addition to his corporate roles, he has also operated as a Security and Crisis Management consultant across the globe. He has designed and implemented integrated security solutions for a range sectors including, finance, telecommunications, hotels and the critical national infrastructure. An early adopter of convergence having successfully developed an integrated approach to both cyber and physical security programs.

A proven Crisis Manager, having successfully lead corporate response to; terrorist attacks in multiple countries, repatriated personnel from conflict zones, state sponsored and ransomware cyber-attacks, fatalities and violent protestor attacks.

He is also West Midlands Chairman for The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications – CSSC, and a true advocate of public – private partnership working.

Honorary Life Vice President of ASIS Int UK Chapter.

Adam Pennock

Head of Intelligence Delivery

Adam began his career in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) where he worked as a security operations specialist focusing on counter-terrorism.  During his eight years at the MOD he specialised in surveillance, intelligence analysis and operations centre management.  Joining VSG in 2017 prior to it being acquired by Mitie in 2019, Adam has worked in one of our customer focused intelligence hubs progressing to the role of Intelligence Manager.  Adam combines professional experience across the public and private sector as well as the study of an MA in Intelligence and Security to provide the best support possible to the customer.

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