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Mitec is the UK’s leading technology and convergence centre, monitoring thousands of buildings and assets, and over 40,000 lone workers. As a registered Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Mitec protects some of the world’s largest companies and their employees, delivering real-time response to incidents via Police call-outs and Mitie’s mobile security personnel, ensuring that your colleagues get the help they need, when they need it. ISO27001 accredited and NSI Gold accredited BS5979:2007 category II ARC.

Mitec’s expertise in monitoring provides an additional source of intelligence for your security teams to help you identify any potential gaps in your current security solution, enabling you to better utilise your resources and keep your people, assets and environments secure.

Key services provided by Mitec;

Remote Monitoring & Remote Access Control

Our Mitec facility monitors thousands of buildings for some of the biggest companies in the world. Our remote monitoring experts are highly trained in CCTV monitoring techniques to ensure your people, assets and environments are secure. Our teams can also remotely manage access to your locations, helping you to better manage potential risks and threats.

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Remote Monitoring & Remote Access Control

Mitec remote monitoring services ensures that your people have peace of mind that there is always security support should they need it. Actively monitoring CCTV, our teams can identify potential risks to your people and assets, alert them to it and suggest any action as required.

Our remote access control solution also ensures protection of your people and assets by restricting access to your site, reducing risk and better securing your people and assets. Remotely managing access can also provide a more auditable trail of who is on site and when, enabling you to tailor your security solution to enhance the protection of your people.

Alarm Management

As an NSI Gold accredited BS5979:2007 category II ARC, our Mitec facility are specialists in alarm management, trained to deal with incidents in real-time and deliver the appropriate response. Our team of dedicated alarm responders provide you peace of mind that your assets and people are safe and have access to emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Alarm Management

Our alarm response may involve use of Mitie’s mobile response teams, who will investigate upon arrival and report back on the cause of the alarm and any remedial action that needs to be taken, logging any incident at the site. In more serious situations, our Mitec team will liaise with emergency services for immediate action to ensure the safety of your people on site.

Lone worker protection & asset tracking

Our lone worker and asset tracking solutions ensure that any individual you have working remotely is monitored and protected should any incident occur. Through the use of a mobile app, lone workers are prompted to check in and confirm their safety periodically. Should there be an incident, they can utilise the two-stage alert function to alert the Mitec staff that they need assistance.

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Lone worker protection & asset tracking

By utilising a two-stage alert function, our solution reduces the number of false alarms, and therefore delivers a more efficient use of alarm response. Triggering an alert by either not confirming their safety on a periodic check, or by raising an alarm through the app, immediately opens up a line of communication with Mitec, enabling an alarm manager to gather more details about the incident and implement a remedial course of action, which could be sending a mobile responder to the last known location, or contacting the emergency services for immediate assistance.

Validate – workforce competence and compliance management

Validate is an industry or organisation skills card solution, enabling you to access an individuals record of training and competency, as well as their employment history. A specialist online system, Validate delivers the ability to manage compliance and access for your contractor base.

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Validate – workforce competence and compliance management

The Validate platform enables data sharing and migration on individuals moving between contracting parties, meaning that individuals can transfer or be made visible simply at the touch of a button.

Validate grants you the ability to also manage access to buildings or equipment, based on an individuals’ competency, giving you greater control of your facility and better protection for key assets and people.

How Mitec use Merlin 24/7

Mitec’s remote monitoring and lone worker solutions delivers numerous insights which the team utilise to ensure customers assets are secure. With the addition of Merlin Protect 24/7’s real-time data, the Mitec team get a comprehensive view of incidents as they unfold, implementing the systems insights and enhancing their response, further securing customers people, assets and environments.

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The Mitec team is filled with experts in analysis and customer relations, adept at identifying issues and resolving them quickly and efficiently, in line with customer requirements to ensure their people, assets and environments are protected.

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