The latest development for the Merlin 24/7 system delivers intelligent case file management for crime analyst teams. By simplifying and automating much of the process, teams can work more efficiently than ever. 

The new functionality enables customers and their crime analyst teams to quickly view individuals who have targeted their business as well as detecting who they are working with. Merlin 24/7 then combines this intelligence into a complete pack, ready to give to the police to start prosecution proceedings. Whilst this may previously have been a much more manual task, Merlin 24/7 enables a more efficient use of customer resources, so teams can focus on identifying and preventing crime against their business.

Merlin 24/7 also automatically visualises the links between different incidents, giving analysts a real-time view of cases as they develop, meaning analysts are always up to date with the latest intelligence, allowing customers to make more informed decisions about their security and utilise resources in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The existing strong integration capabilities of the system further enhance the new case file management functionality, bringing together intelligence from multiple building systems, such as fire alarms, HVAC and CCTV, to build a complete picture and provide further data and evidence for the case file. The systems mass communication facility also enables automatic alerting, sending messages to key stakeholders when certain criteria are met, so the right people know at the right time.

With such powerful intelligence and insights, crime analysts can work more efficiently, helping customers to further reduce crime against their business and ensure a safe, secure environment for all.