Monday 3 August 2020 sees Mitie Security launch their brand-new website, home for their newly created Global Security Operations. The website outlines the Intelligence, Technology and People services on offer, with a focus on services delivering actionable intelligence and risk management solutions to customers.

The website showcases some key services offered by Mitie, including their Global Security Operations Centre, Assurance, Risk & Resilience solutions, and their industry-leading business intelligence software Merlin 24/7. Boasting its own unique identity, Mitie Global Security Operations will help customers deliver an intelligence and technology-led approach to their security solutions, providing detailed insights into their unique risk profiles and provide intelligent solutions through cutting-edge technology and expert people.

Combining the knowledge and expertise from previously separate parts of Mitie Security, Mitie Global Security Operations promises to be an industry-leading function, with experts from a wide range of intelligence, risk and security backgrounds, including the Met Police, Special Forces, British Army Intelligence Corps, RAF and more.

The website is designed with simplicity in mind, with three distinct sections to help users get to the information they need as quickly as possible. Dividing service offerings by intelligence, technology and people ensures Mitie Global Security Operations new website shows the breadth of services on offer whilst also categorises them to make it easy for users to find the ones that appeal to them.

With a vast range of case studies, insights and background expertise weaved throughout the website, it is evident that Mitie Global Security Operations has the credentials to deliver exceptional service to customers, providing innovative solutions wherever customers need them, including in more challenging regions around the world.

Underpinning the services on offer, it is clear that their proprietary business intelligence software, Merlin24/7, is integral to delivering in-depth insights and real-time data to the Global Security Operations team, enabling them to provide actionable intelligence to customers and help to design robust, resilient security solutions.