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Our Assurance Managers have direct responsibility to ensure the outputs of physical, personnel and information security, based on threat and risk profiles, are upheld, improved, and delivered to exemplar standards. Our Assurance function uses proactive intelligence gathering and analysis, best practice holistic security design and robust business continuity and impact reduction strategies to offer exceptional protection to our customers.

Key services provided by the Security Assurance Managers;

Holistic Security Solutions

Acting as a critical advisor to you, Assurance Managers have a responsibility to not only be abreast of the most current security guidelines, standards, and regulations, but to also fully engage in business, sector and your community to promote those principles. Our Assurance Managers are the first to embed new government training initiatives, improved ways of working, innovative technologies and risk mitigation requirements to better service delivery and improve the protection afforded to you.

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Holistic Security Solutions

You can rely on our Assurance Managers to deliver the most current advice, gained from involvement in industry workshops, research projects, memberships with certified bodies and based on the few authoritative bodies in the UK who set business standards in security. The benefits received from having such an advisor is the knowledge that business assets; from people, buildings, property, to equipment, information, or reputation, are protected using the knowledge and guidance of an entire industry, and the experience of a capable professional. This experience is gained, in the case of Mitie’s team of managers, from high-profile critical national infrastructure environments, and includes risk mitigation from a varied assortment of customers.

Our counter-terror experts, have been influential in their role in shaping policy and procedure while serving in the public sector, but since have assisted with target-hardening and holistic protection strategies across banking, energy, real estate and many more sectors.

Actionable Intelligence & Protective Security

Mitie’s unrivalled internal intelligence capability ensures that real-time threat intelligence is accessible, accurate and actionable, and when deployed by the Assurance Managers, it is data which helps design all risk-led resourcing. Using threat intelligence when conducting risk or vulnerability studies is the differentiator between commensurate protection and inefficient service delivery. Intelligence actioned by our Assurance Managers leads to preparedness, proactive decision making and increased protection.

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Actionable Intelligence & Protective Security

Our Assurance managers, all proficient in intelligence handling, use the many resources provided by our Intelligence Coordination Centre to shape their strategies, training programmes and change initiatives, so that the solutions provided are relevant and effective. This often involves bespoke projects to identify vulnerabilities, in both the physical and cyber spaces our customers operate but can also include the very public concerns of protest action, terrorism and endemic crime.

Our Assurance managers can facilitate due diligence for example, or use intelligence collection tools for social media interrogation, if investigation into a person, threat, or activity can help to protect you or your assets. Using intelligence to understand emerging threats is also a task that our Assurance Managers can perform; from potential political coups in a country the customer has a presence, to rising discord against a brand on social media which could lead to a disruption or campaign, the Mitie team will work with the Intelligence Coordination Centre to ensure the relevant intelligence is fed through in time to make a physical difference.

Business continuity and crisis management planning

We live in an evolving and fluid environment of high-profile corporate crises, health pandemics and security tragedies, yet often organisations still push the need for business continuity planning and crisis management exercises to a lower priority. Our Assurance Managers have been trained to consider continuity management as a result, rather than a task; an output of considered impact reduction strategies.

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Business continuity and crisis management planning

Our teams advance planning and preparation in incident and crisis management is entrenched in the security processes, provisions, and protocols that they will embed into any customer, contract, or organisation. From re-writing global security policy to chairing a table-top exercise, the team have several tools to help identify potential weaknesses, points of failure or areas which can be exploited.

They will work within your appetite to remedy these concerns; in recent years this has ranged from healthy budgets to facilitate the mobilisation of entire emergency infrastructure to the training of staff to ensure robust succession planning. By effective identification of risk, management strategies can be embedded into everyday security delivery, so not only is protection enhanced, but the likelihood and impact of a crisis is significantly reduced. This identification, planning and implementation is the service you can expect from a Mitie Security Assurance Manager.

How the Assurance Managers use Merlin Protect 24/7

The Merlin Protect 24/7 software has become integral to all Mitie assurance capability: from the collation of data to the dissemination of vital front-line intelligence, the technology enables analysis from which mitigation strategies are devised. Auditing of in-house penetration tests, patrol logs, incident reports, SLA/KPIs or customer satisfaction ratings, to name a few examples, inform of potential service shortfalls and drive the creation of action plans, risk registers and improvement strategies – all on display in a user-friendly dashboard, available in real-time for client review.

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All Assurance Managers are ASIS PSP qualified or have the security management experience of a minimum 10 years, with a proven capacity for security assurance design, development, and delivery. Certified in either risk management or protective security, all have previous experience in delivering standards auditing, intelligence operations and operational readiness exercises for public sector authorities.

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