Training, scenario testing & live exercising

To keep your security solutions robust and resilient, it is important to conduct regular training, scenario testing and live exercises, to bring your teams up to date with the latest procedures. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, focused on relevant potential incidents that would need to be managed.

We work with you to create the most realistic scenario possible, with our teams having experience of developing and implementing more in-depth joint exercising involving the emergency services and multiple businesses. These exercises are incredibly useful as they enable a holistic view of response capabilities and provide the opportunity to test complex and multifaceted incidents.

Key services delivered through our Training & Live Exercising;

Live exercising & scenario testing

Live exercises can provide invaluable intelligence that helps you to identify gaps in your security processes or procedures that can be made more effective or efficient. Our live exercise specialists work with you to design and deliver appropriate scenarios to test your people and environments. We ensure that any test we undertake is proportional to your unique risk profile and the most relevant threat to your location, such as suspicious packages, protest action or terror related incidents.

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Live exercising & scenario testing

Conducting robust live exercises not only identifies gaps and areas for improvement in your security solution, but also keeps your teams highly trained in the latest processes and can breed confidence throughout individuals that in the event of a real incident, they have the knowledge and skills to handle the situation effectively and minimise the risk to your business.

Live exercises can also be a fantastic platform to assess your security staff and identify high performing individuals. Our experts in live exercising will ensure that the entire team are involved, enabling you to identify any individuals who could potentially perform at a higher level and those that need additional training or support.

Our scenario testing is always designed to build trust and confidence throughout your teams, empowering them to take decisions to get situations under control and better manage and mitigate threats and risks to your organisation. Doing this in a live setting is an excellent way to understand how individuals and teams react in challenging circumstances and offers an opportunity to improve your security processes.

Penetration Testing

We have experts in conducting penetration tests, also known as unauthorised access tests, to identify weaknesses in your physical security. Our specialists conduct a detailed analysis of your existing security and any publicly available intelligence to plan their ‘attack’. Agreeing with you the specific target at a location, always proportionally based on the most relevant intrusion type to your location, our individuals will put your solutions to the test, and upon completion provide a detailed report outlining their findings and suggesting recommendations to mitigate and manage any flaws they identified.

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Penetration Testing

Primarily penetration tests enable you to identify weaknesses in your existing physical security, with the test highlighting ways in which your solution could be improved in future to prevent malicious attacks that would look to exploit the same or similar weaknesses as the test.

However, penetration tests can also prove to be beneficial to deliver peace of mind that your existing security is robust. Failed penetration tests can be just as valuable as successful ones as they highlight the strength of an existing solution and can also motivate your team and hone their skills.

Bespoke training programmes

It is important to conduct regular training of your security personnel, processes and procedures to ensure that the highest standards are consistently met, and you are always up to date with the latest techniques. Our bespoke training programmes, utilising a variety of techniques and methods, are delivered by an experienced team, with diverse backgrounds in the security and intelligence sector.

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Bespoke training programmes

Collaborating with you, we design training programmes tailored to your unique risk profile, ensuring any training is relevant and proportional to the potential risks and threats your people, assets and environment may face. Having specific training ensures your people’s skills are kept up to date, so they can better deal with incidents as well as better understand new processes and procedures aimed at making your security strategy more effective and efficient.

We can deliver specific e-learning modules for your teams, focusing on key areas to improve and enhance your individuals and teams. E-learning can be a useful tool in conducting quick assessments of your teams’ skills and identifying areas that need to be addressed with further e-learning or other training methods.

As part of our training solutions we also run tabletop exercises for you teams and leaders. Running through examples in a tabletop setting helps your management and leadership teams to better understand how situations can develop and how to effectively manage them when live incidents occur.

How our Training & Live Exercising solutions use Merlin Protect 24/7

When conducting any form of training or live exercise, data and analysis can prove invaluable to ensure the correct issues are being addressed. Our training and live exercising team utilise data from Merlin Protect 24/7 to identify issues in a customers’ security and therefore make the exercise or training as relevant and useful as possible, in order to help you develop your security solution.

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Our training and live exercising team features a wide range of experience from a variety of security and intelligence backgrounds. Such depth of knowledge makes our team the perfect partner for designing and conducting training and live exercising to help you ensure your security strategies are robust and resilient.

Ian Mansfield M.B.E

Business Security Advisor

Ian spent the last 17 years of a 32-year police career working in protective security, advising business partners on how to protect their staff and property from terrorist attack and protestor activity. This helped Ian to build an extensive network of trusted partner contacts, which to this day has helped him to continue to work in this specialist area on retirement from the police. Ian provides specialist strategic and tactical advice to businesses teams and supports them in dealing with any reactive or proactive issues.

Daniel Webb

Director of Intelligence

Daniel’s experience and knowledge is taken from a career in security and intelligence.  As a member of the Intelligence Corps, British Army, he specialised across the spectrum of counter-terrorism and counter espionage.  After leaving the military he became a security consultant, working alongside national law and government departments to deliver specialised security advice and guidance as well as managing security transformation projects.  He has been part of Mitie’s Group Risk team for the last two years and he has been a key part of developing the COVID-19 response and recovery strategy.

Barrie Millett

Director of Assurance

Barrie has extensive experience of developing, implementing and operating security and broader resilience strategies across the globe for International organisations such as GE and E.ON.

Barrie started his career as a Royal Marine serving with 40 Commando RM and HQ Commando Forces. In addition to his corporate roles, he has also operated as a Security and Crisis Management consultant across the globe. He has designed and implemented integrated security solutions for a range sectors including, finance, telecommunications, hotels and the critical national infrastructure. An early adopter of convergence having successfully developed an integrated approach to both cyber and physical security programs.

A proven Crisis Manager, having successfully lead corporate response to; terrorist attacks in multiple countries, repatriated personnel from conflict zones, state sponsored and ransomware cyber-attacks, fatalities and violent protestor attacks.

He is also West Midlands Chairman for The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications – CSSC, and a true advocate of public – private partnership working.

Honorary Life Vice President of ASIS Int UK Chapter.

Andy Davison

Senior Security Consultant

Andy brings comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to achieve robust physical and technical security measures from both a strategic and practical perspective. He regularly manages security assessments and deployment programmes across the globe, often in complex environments.

Using his experience of best-practice frameworks and understanding of security technologies he is able to support organisations in reducing organisational vulnerabilities whilst ensuring efficient use of security resources

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