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Intelligent case file management

Intelligent Case File Management enables you and your crime analyst teams to quickly view individuals who have targeted your business as well as detecting who they are working with. The system also automatically visualises the links between different incidents, giving analysts a real-time view of cases as they develop, as well as integrating with your building management systems to create a complete picture and provide further data and evidence, that is automatically compiled into a complete pack for the Police to start prosecution proceedings. With such powerful intelligence and insights, crime analysts can work more efficiently, helping customers to further reduce crime against their business and ensure a safe, secure environment for all.

Key services provided by Merlin Protect 24/7’s Intelligent Case File Management;

Automatic relationship mapping

Utilising our intelligent case file management automatically identifies known entities within incident data captured across the business and identifies relationships between them. This allows analysts to quickly see organised crime groups targeting the business or repeat offenders, along with vehicles or properties they are associated with. This solution ensures your analysts teams are not having to manually assess large amounts of data to identify patterns in reports received, they can focus on a more strategic view of the risk affecting your business.

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Automatic relationship mapping

By aggregating information from your entire portfolio, you can identify patterns and trends that previously may have gone unnoticed. This prevents further loss from occurring and can also highlight any potential gaps in your current security solution.

By automating this process, your analysts are empowered to better serve your colleagues by providing valuable intelligence updates, provide real-time support and provide new insights to help you make more informed security decisions and influence your future solutions.

Evidence pack collation

Our Case File Management solution allows your teams to quickly create a case against an offender, collating all information and evidence associated with the offender and any linked associations. This functionality not only reduces the time spent preparing information for prosecution, but also ensure a consistent quality level across all packs submitted to Police or other authorities.

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Evidence pack collation

The systems powerful integrations available through the Merlin Protect 24/7 system mean information and intelligence can also be collected from other third parties, giving insight to the effectiveness of civil enforcement in relation to specific cases submitted, ensuring leadership teams can easily track quality and performance across the business.

By automatic the pack collation, your analysts can work more efficiently, saving them time and enabling them to focus on more strategic elements of your security strategy.

Automatic alerting

Merlin Protect 24/7 enables you to set up automated alerts based on criteria specific to you. When an incident matching one of your criteria is entered into the system, you, your team and any specified stakeholders can automatically be updated whilst the incident is ongoing, allowing you to have real-time visibility of the situation.

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Automatic alerting

As well as delivering automatic alerts on ongoing situations, the system automatically identifies locations in the vicinity of an incident or event and sends tailored notifications to users associated to the location to ensure they are aware of current risks nearby. Notifications sent can also be tailored by the type of incident allowing specific guidance or extracts from operational processes to be made available to the user.

Our Merlin Protect 24/7 team are specialists in technology innovation, with a deep understanding of the needs of the security industry and a wealth of experience in the development of powerful systems.

David Evans


David’s experience and background is drawn from 30 years of Counter Terrorist Policing with the Metropolitan Police, concentrated in the areas of Aviation, Maritime, Special Events, Royalty and Diplomatic Protection, Territorial / Public Order and Tactical Firearms Operations, Explosive Search, Risk Assessment and Training at ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) level. David is the founder and International Chairman of TINYg (Global Terrorism Network Group), which is an intelligence-led organisation that services 150 countries, and meets regularly in locations such as New York, Washington DC, Chicago and London.

An active committee member of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and a Freeman of The City of London. David is an International speaker on Terrorist and Security related subjects. David is the innovator of the unique and customised software systems which lie at the heart of the Global Aware Group business. David is passionate about innovation, client care and value across the companies multiple sector based business across 77 countries.

Private: Terry Darnell

Head of Operations

Terry Darnell began his security career as an officer in both corporate and retail sectors in 2001, soon moving into loss prevention roles within retail. Terry remained working in the retail and logistics sector for a number of years. Aside from his security experience, his education and outside work interests are focussed in IT, as such Terry brings with him a unique ability to understand security and risk requirements, whilst also being able to translate this into a technical requirement allowing this to be translated into Global Aware’s development team.

After being a customer of Global Aware for a number of years, he joined Global Aware in 2019 as Head of Operations following the acquisition of Global Aware by Mitie Plc, his focus is on supporting our existing clients to ensure they get the most benefit from Merlin, as well as engaging Mitie’s new and existing clients to understand how software and AI can support clients to reduce spend and enhance protective measures.

Richard Trussler

Head of IT

Zero parts dancer, two parts geek and three parts dad to my two beautiful daughters. Passionate about programming and technology in all its guises. Background in project management and data security. Thrive on making the seemingly impossible possible to develop products that make a difference and provide value. Twenty years industry experience within the IT sector in a Corporate environment with a broad spectrum of knowledge spanning numerous technologies.

Dave Walker


Software Developer with 20+ years design and development experience. Focussed on producing efficient and robust solutions to all requirements and thanks to a strong design aesthetic, making them look good while being intuitive to use. When I switch off, two teenagers and two spaniels keep me busy with live music keeping me sane. Can be found at least one music festival each summer.

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